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Snoring Review

VitalSleep Review

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  • VitalSleep
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: June 21, 2017

Product Description

VitalSleep is a low cost anti-snoring device that will give you the sleep that you deserve. Snoring is basically caused by partial blocking of the air passageways but VitalSleep addresses this issue allowing for smooth passage of the air. The device boasts a customizable fit that promises comfort and easy set up for first time users.


  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Customizable Fit
  • Low Cost
  • 1 Year Warranty and Free Replacement Policy
  • FDA Cleared


  • Jaw Soreness for a few days

Our Thoughts

VitalSleep is a recommended device for treating simple snoring problems because it is offers comfort at a very low price. However, this device is not to be used to treat apnea or any sleeping disorder. The company offers a great satisfaction guarantee program, it’s low prices, and is probably the best snoring mouthpiece on the market.

Discounts and Coupons

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  • Bill

    I wear a partial plate while sleeping. Will i still be able to do this when using this product?

  • dewey1973

    Pros: It works. It’s affordable. Ability to re-fit after first use.

    Cons: Tooth pain/sensitivity for the first week. Useless case may not fit the device after it is fit to your bite. Cleaning is a pain. Dry mouth/lips. Adjustment screw got stripped making the already putzy adjustment more difficult. Sometimes comes out during the night. I’m starting to wear holes into the device.

    Notes: I use this in conjunction with a Breathe Right Advanced nasal strip and a Tempur-Pedic pillow. I use a humidifier and lip balm to try to counteract dryness.

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