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Snoring Review

My Snoring Solution Review

My Snoring Solution
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  • My Snoring Solution
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  • Published on: November 1, 2010
  • Last modified: June 23, 2017
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Product Description

The My Snoring Solution jaw supporter works by keeping your lower jaw in an upward position which works to help eliminate snoring by allowing your airway to remain unobstructed. You just put it on when you go to bed with out having to worry about sticking anything in your mouth and it keeps your jaw in an optimal position. Along with snoring, it was found to help obstructive sleep apnea, depression, daytime fatigue and reduced blood pressure in a clinical study (check out their website for the result).


  • A Very Effective Solution
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Comes In Multiple Sizes
  • Great Customer Support


  • A Little Costly
  • Not Available In Retail Stores


One thing we’ve found is that comfort of individual snoring products differs greatly from person to person for a number of reasons. However the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is the most comfortable we’ve found. You don’t have to stick anything in your mouth all night, you can sleep in whatever position you normally sleep in, and the soft material makes you forget it’s even there after just a few minutes.


It’s pretty amazing how simply holding your jaw forward can reduce or eliminate snoring. My Snoring Solution is very effective in reducing snoring by keeping it forward throughout the entire night. The fabric in this jaw supporter is well crafted and holds up night after night.


At the time of this review they are doing a buy one, get one free promotion on the My Snoring Solution chin strap for $119.97. Shipping and handling is going for $9.95 for standard shipping, and $39.95 for international shipping. Honestly this is priced pretty high and it’s a shame it costs so much. It’s well designed and works fantastic for eliminating snoring, but isn’t the cheapest option on the market (although your spouse might think it’s a pretty good deal if it means they don’t have to listen to your snoring). It might be worth it to go in with a friend to split the cost and each keep one.

Our Thoughts

The My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is an excellent choice and we have heard nothing but positive reviews from people who have used it. We found that it did eliminate snoring completely in our tests and allowed us to sleep through the whole night without waking up. Plus it was very comfortable to wear. This is a highly recommended product to help people who snore.

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13 comments… add one
  • Carol

    i’ve been using My Snoring Solution jaw supporter for a little over a year and love it. i sleep better and my snoring has ended. Would definitely recommend.

  • Karen W

    My Snoring Solution works great to stop my husbands snoring.

  • Jack Anderson

    It’s a simple product. A little overpriced, but is worth it. It works.

  • sue smirl

    i tried this product for a couple of nights, slobbered all night long, restless, bothered my jaw, & i still snored. i received a refund for sending it back, but $35 was deducted from the refund for sanitizing the item upon return. kind of a no-risk scam? I think a company could make these in china for very little cost, send them out all day long and even with many returned, still make a profit with the fee they charged.

  • chad hermiston

    it’s a pretty simple product. like other people have said it doesn’t seem like it is that expensive to make, but the quality of it is pretty good. However I’m sleeping better and apparently not snoring like I used to. I’d definitely recommend it.

  • Dave

    Can anyone point me to the site where it’s available? What’s the cost?

    • Admin

      Just click one of the links in this article to the site. Right now it’s $119.95 for 2 of them.

  • John

    Does this only work for mouth breathers? I breath through my nose and snore. Would a mouthpiece work better for me?

    • Admin

      It works for both, but I think a mouthpiece or pillow might be better if you are already breathing through your nose.

  • I have tried to order but do not know if i did or not. I only wanted one order not a double order. I have a problem with no phone number, so could you give me one?

    • Admin


      They have the customer service number posted on their website. It’s 855-SNOREOFF.

  • Paul

    Does anybody have an unused one? (because looks like you have to buy two) I would like to try and split the cost.

    • Clif

      I would be interested in going in on 2 with you!

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