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Snoring Review

ZQuiet Review

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  • ZQuiet
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: October 14, 2013

Product Description

ZQuiet is a soft and and flexible anti snoring mouthpiece that allows your mouth to move naturally. Unlike many snoring mouthpieces, ZQuiet allows you to breathe freely through your mouth.


  • Soft & Flexible Mouthpiece
  • 30 Day Trial For $9.95
  • Comfortable For a Mouthpiece


  • Have To Sleep With It In Your Mouth
  • Only Available in the US

Our Thoughts

As far as snoring mouthpieces go, the ZQuiet seems to be the most comfortable. However it is still a mouthpiece so many people find them annoying to wear at night.  I prefer either pillows or jaw supporters over mouthpieces as I get better nights sleep without having to suck on a mouthpiece all night long.

On their website, they say they typically last “for many months of nightly use.” For $69.90 plus shipping, I’d hope it would last at least a year.  This could add up if you need to replace them every year or less.

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  • stephen fisk

    Yes I tried the “miracle” zquite but the pain to my teeth and jaw was so adverse after trying it for the time they advertise you have to use it, decided to return it. HOWEVER, what they do not tell you is that your “30 day free trial” begins the minute you order the device. (note: it takes 4-6 days for you to receive the product. Therefore, when I tried to return it on the 28th day it was in my possession, they refused to take it back stating that day one begins the day it is ordered.

    I would not recommend this product for anyone, unless you like a lot of pain.

  • Jerry Miller

    I am a believer of ZQuiet (or should I say my wife is). It did hurt a bit for a few days but i got used to it. My wife said my snoring has decreased considerably although still not totally eliminated. I’d recommend it.

  • Mary

    Bought it for my husband and it works great. Not the most attractive thing but I get sleep.

  • Kc

    so can I know how much exactly this thing cost?

    • Admin

      It’s $69.90 total. On there site they show it is $9.95 for 30 days, then they charge the rest ($59.95) if you decide to keep it.

  • Karyn Tighe

    Sounds just like the mouth guard I use at night to stop grinding my teeth. It’s available in the sports sections of most big box stores for about $3.

    • Adam

      Have you ever snored before. and if so wearing the mouthpieace helps with that?

    • bob

      It is not at all like a mouthguard. It works by extending your lower jaw while you sleep which mouthguards cannot do. I am only 2 days into trying it and while it does seem to control the snoring, my front teeth were hurting all day today. I am going to give it a few more days to see if I get used to it but if I don’t it is going back.

  • Daniel Engelberts

    Zquiet does not work at all. It does not adjust itself to your teath and the consequence of that is that the piece keeps falling out. Absolute no result for me !

  • Carla

    It didnt work for me, i slobbered all over myself or choked on it because i couldnt swallow with it in my mouth

  • Leslie

    I’ve been using the Z-Quiet since Nov. 2011. The product does work to stop snoring and helps with mild sleep apnea. The down side is that it will move your front teeth and make them loose. It is unfortunate because I get a better night of sleep while wearing it but I’m afraid of the damage that it is doing to my teeth and gums. My dentist recommended that I stop using it immediately. :-(

    • George M

      The soreness of my teeth in the morning is what made me stop using it.

    • Jojo

      Thus far it has worked. Day 2. The soreness isn’t so bad but I am very concerned about the teeth and possible moving of them. I sleep just fine with my snoring, it’s my family I was trying to help… I’m going to continue researching because I really do love my teeth

  • George

    Sorry but I simply don’t trust any company that has such misleading marketing tactics. ZQuiet does NOT cost $9.95 as advertised, instead its more like $70, since 30 days later they will bill your card another $59.95.

    Come on Zquiet, tell people up front what it really costs. If you have to hide your final price in tiny print, there is something wrong!

  • John

    I purchased the ZQuiet and I can honestly say my wife loved the fact I quit snoring. The mouth peice really didnt bother me that bad as far as comfort goes. However, I would wake up in the middle of the night because it made my teeth so sore. I was worried I was actually pushing my upper teeth in. That was how it felt. I am considering the chin strap but mixed feelings because Zquiet did work!

  • Kathy

    I tried ZQuiet, and realized quickly that it probably wouldn’t work, much to my disappointment. When I put in it, it forced my mouth open, and was awkward feeling. I also found myself choking on the built-up saliva, and woke up more than once coughing/choking….ugh. I did tell the rep when I called to say I was returning it, that if they made the part that goes behind the bottom teeth a bit longer, it might have worked for me better, it was continually slipping off the lower jaw.

  • David Snow

    I have been using Z Quiet for several months now and was very pleased at first. The product made my teeth hurt in the morning for the first few days, then that sensation went away. Now my wife complains that I’m snoring yet again. The lower portion slips off my teeth at night, I end up waking with it repositioned in my mouth. I believe if you had at least two sizes to choose from; fits most sizes and a larger one, it would work longer for most customers. Mine just seems to be too small, almost childlike.

  • BRichards

    I must say first that it does indeed stop my snoring, I sleep better, my husband is happy. But with that came….. 1. the insulting price trick, which I realized at the time of purchase, and paid the total up front. 2. I MUST keep water next to my bedside, I wake up with my mouth cracking from drought, swallowing is tough to do and I drool. 3. I wake up and it’s out of my mouth and I can’t find it in the dark. 4. when I pull it out in the morning all my saliva falls out, now have face clothes next to my water bottle. For only the first few months my jaw ached for a few hours in the morning, sometimes my lower front teeth felt loose, they don’t stay that way, I have had no trouble with my upper teeth at all. I use it every night, it has held up well and I have a lousy nights sleep if I forget to put it in or can’t find it. After using it for over a year now, I ordered Puresleep and I regret it,returned it and went back to my Zquiet ( the devil you know).

  • Lydia

    I snore, it keeps my boyfriend from getting a good nights sleep. ZQuiet works. I still have a small snore noise but nothing like before (I am told). There are two different mouth pieces in the set. Use the first one for a few days and if it works continue, otherwise use the second. It does make your teeth hurt for a little, but it is soft and does fit nicely. I do drool on occasion, but these are small inconveniences compared to waking yourself up by snoring or having someone shake you awake because you are snoring too loud. As for moving teeth, the precautions say that may happen. Over all, good price no snoring, easy to use and clean.

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