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Snoring Review

Snoring Self Help Tips & Remedies

How many times have you woken up because your bed partner snores a lot? You are probably wondering when it would stop and when you’ll likely be able to get a good night’s sleep. Also, you are thinking about your partner being sick that may have caused him to snore a lot. But think about it, what if you are in his/her place, what would you feel? I am pretty sure you are very embarrassed and scrambling to look for a cure.

Don’t be alarmed because studies have shown that almost a quarter or 45% of men and that 30% of women snore, that’s half of the population! To those who didn’t snore before, you’ll be shocked to know that you started snoring after some lifestyle changes like taking medications or recovering of an illness. Generally, a person gets a higher chance of snoring when they get older.

Snoring Self-Help

Snoring Self HelpDo you have a computer that caught a virus? Do you have internet connection problems? I am pretty sure that you have done everything that you can to solve this problem. Also you are aware that these are normal occurrences and not be afraid of. It is the same thing about snoring; rest assured that there are several ways to help you cure it. However, unlike the situations above, snoring does not have instant remedies so you have to exercise patience and try as many self-help tips as possible.

Finding out why and how you snore basically gives you an idea on how to stop it. To be able to determine the solution a snoring patient should keep details about their sleeping pattern especially their sleeping positions, sleep hygiene, if you have daytime sleepiness, and of course the frequency of awakening at night. Getting a physical examination to get the accurate body weight, throat and neck area, getting a visual on the breathing organs and nasal passages will determine if it causes snoring.

Check How You Sleep

Sometimes, determining the cause will come from just observing closely how the snoring patient sleeps. Here are some giveaways:

  • If it is a problem with the tongue, you might notice snoring through a closed mouth.
  • Breathing through the mouth indicates that the vibrations are strong in the throat area.
  • The most common reason for snoring is sleeping on the back because the tongue tends to slide down deep into the throat blocking the airways. Fixing this issue by changing sleeping positions is very effective.
    Try this! – Some snoring patients cannot help but lie on their backs so to “encourage” them to lie on their side you can make use of a tennis ball or any similar object that can be sewn on the back of your pajamas and keep it in place. The ball or object will be an obstruction and very uncomfortable to lay on that you will immediately resort to sleeping on your side.
  • After observing the above symptoms and especially changing positions yet snoring isn’t cured, getting a physical examination is the next best thing to determine if the problem already needs medical treatment.

More Ideas

Try sleeping in different positions first and see if it was able to solve your snoring problem. However, if not, try these tips:

  • Weight Loss For SnoringMeasure your full body weight and maybe you are already overweight. Try losing some weight because there is too much tissue in the throat area constricting the airways.
  • Make sure that air passages in the nasal area are free of obstruction like having a stuffy nose. Getting rid of a stuffy nose is pretty easy by just using nasal decongestants and the like.
  • Smoking contains several chemicals that can irritate the throat and nasal passages. If you are serious about fixing your snoring problem, you have to quit smoking. These chemicals can cause swelling and enlargement of tissues in the nose area.
  • Avoid changing your sleeping time and overtiring yourself.
  • Keep your bedroom dust-free to avoid allergic reactions to dust and dirt. Keep a humidifier in your room to keep the air moist.

Strengthen your Throat Muscles to Prevent Snoring

This exercise is meant to help cure snoring naturally by exercising your throat muscles. Think like a professional singer and try the following:

  • Try singing La-La-La-La five times and focus on your throat and neck muscles. You can also try repeating the vowels of the alphabet. Then, try Ka-ka-ka-ka and also do the same with the syllable Ma-ma-ma-ma. Keep in mind that you are a singer and exercise your throat.
  • Do tongue exercises.
  • Do jaw exercises by moving your jaw from left to right and front.

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