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Snoring and Alcohol: The Secret Connection

Alcohol and SnoringTo me there are few better things in life than knocking back a few craft beers or a glass or two of a nice scotch. My friends know my love affair with IPAs and are cool enough to bring something tasty for me from time to time.

One thing I’ve noticed while sipping on alcohol, whether it be beer or a glass of wine, I generally fall asleep pretty quickly.

For many people, a nightcap before bed makes it a little too easy to go to sleep. However those nightcaps might be causing the quality of your sleep to diminish.

What happens when you drink alcohol before bed is that you’ll often go straight to a deep sleep and skip the first stage of sleep (REM). As the alcohol wears off you’ll be waking up sooner than normal. Your body won’t be getting the typical 6 to 7 cycles of REM sleep it needs. Instead you’ll be getting just 1 or 2 which will have you waking up feeling exhausted.

Aside from getting poor sleep, drinking also relaxes the muscles in your body. The back of your throat (known as the orophanyx), will start to collapse more since it’s much more relaxed. This in turn causes you to snore, thus creating tension between you and anyone trying to sleep next to you.

You might not realize it, but alcohol is one of the number one causes of snoring. Want to stop snoring? Before you jump straight to a chin strap you might try taking a break from the beer for a bit and see if it helps.

If not, it could also come down to extra weight (which is also one of the other leading causes of snoring). Cutting out alcohol could also help you drop some pounds.

Don’t worry though, if you’re like me and you look at drinking like a hobby, there are other things you can cut out of your diet along with other healthy habits such as running, walking, and just being more physical that will help you drop the extra weight.

I do however suggest if you or your partner are snoring, you take a good hard look at your drinking patterns and cut down the alcohol for a while to see if it helps.


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