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Snoring Review

SnoreMender Review

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  • SnoreMender
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: October 11, 2013

Product Description

The SnoreMender snoring mouthpiece is a device worn at night that holds the lower jaw slightly forward to open up the airway and helps to stop snoring. SnoreMender doesn’t lock the lower jaw, allowing normal mouth breathing. It’s designed so there are no sizes, and each mouthpiece fits most people.


  • Soft & Flexible Mouthpiece
  • Bulk Order Discounts
  • Worldwide Shipping


  • May Not Work With Dentures
  • Have To Sleep With It In Your Mouth
  • Could Cause Excess Salivation

Our Thoughts

SnoreMender isn’t a bad snoring mouthpiece.  The major downfall is that it is a mouthpiece and you have to have it in your mouth all night, which can be annoying to sleep with.  If you don’t mind sleeping with a mouthpiece in, SnoreMender might be a decent option compared to other mouthpieces.

Editor rating
User rating
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  • S. Carr

    I developed a problem after not using the SnoreMender for some time. The first time I returned to use it, my tongue and the inside of my cheeks were considerably swollen in the morning. I’m assuming I’ve developed some allergy to the material.

  • Jackie

    I could not get the Snoremender to fit comfortably. It kept falling off my teeth and it cut up my gums and mouth. It did seem to help a little but the pain and frustration was not worth it. I ended up getting a dental mouth appliance called Somnadent and love it!! It is very expensive but well worth the price.

  • Kathy A Piccari

    I was desparate! I tried the SnoreMender. I did everything they said. The email responses were prompt and helpful. However, it is definitely not worth the money. I have mouth discomfort. The roof of my mouth is very irritated. When it does stay in my mouth my husband says the snoring isn’t as bad but I still snore. I am very disappointed.

  • Will

    It worked great for me. I am ready to replace mine after one year use. My wife sleeps with me again. Before, she would often end up in the spare bedroom.

  • Ray

    It working the first few nights, but it was uncomfortable. I tried several times to adjust it, but no luck in gaining comfort. I continued to use it, anyway, until (about 3 weeks later) my wife said it was no longer working. Closer inspection revieled that the joints of the mouthpiece were curving, allowing the lower jaw to settle back.

  • Mike R

    It’s like putting a piece of a tire in your mouth. Not soft or comfortable.

  • Benny

    I found the whole thing to be a sham! The devise was not even close to fiting, and was painfull to wear. A month later, and i’m still trying to get my refund.
    Impossible. Very untrustworthy site.

  • Kim

    Love snoremenber. Works good for mild sleep apnea. Would
    recommend it.

  • Bill

    SnoreMender worked for me. It definitely reduced my snoring and I was happy with it until I noticed that my jaw started clicking when I ate. So I checked with my dentist and he told me to stop wearing it. I returned it and did receive a refund. The clicking of the jaw gradually went away after I stopped using it.

    • Bill

      I had previously made the comment about it causing my jaw to click. I certainly do not want to leave the impression that if you use it your jaw will start clicking. I recall that years before I ever used it I experienced some chronic jaw pain which had gone away but maybe, since I did experience that, there is some issue with my jaw that, by using SnoreMender, brought on the clicking. As I said before SnoreMender did work for me and since I stopped using it, the clicking has stopped too.

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