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Snoring Review

SnoreHead Review

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  • SnoreHead
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: October 11, 2013

Product Description

Snorehead is a typical anti-snoring mouthpiece that clears the throat’s air passageway by positioning the lower jaw. This type of snore guard is basically the cheapest “Boil and Bite” product that you can find but is still recommended by doctors.


  • Soft and Flexible Mouthpiece
  • Cheap


  • Not available in Retail Stores
  • Needs to be worn

Our Thoughts

Like most anti-snoring mouthpiece,  Snorehead makes use of the same technique but in a very low price mouthpiece that works moderately. Regular changing of the mouthpiece could be a bother, but it is fairly affordable.

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  • I bought the Snorehead snore guard and it works great! Previously, purchased other more expensive one’s, but they are the basically the same but just cost more.


    PS- Bought a snorehead for the wife too!

  • Daniel

    Snorehead is being sold as an anti snoring device however it is just a mouthguard that people who play sports use and that can be purchased in any pharmacy for under $10. It does not function as a mandibular advancement device like a true anti snoring device should function as.

    • Vick

      I bought it and works fine. As I found out later, you can drive to the pharmacy and save yourself a few dollars after the drive. But like most looking for a snoring device, I didn’t know you could buy one there and for the price of a “double sided” device, it’s easier to just buy it online. Oh, if molded correctly, it does function as a mandibular advancement (lower jaw placed forward) device.

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