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Snoring Review

Ripsnore Review

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  • Ripsnore
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: October 11, 2013

Product Description

Ripsnore is an anti snoring device that has a patented technology designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward to allow for easy breathing. It has a unique mold style that ensures a great fit for the teeth. Because this product is not pre molded, there will be no discomfort for users.


  • Low Cost
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction and Return and Exchange Policy
  • Can be remolded up to 5x
  • Has Distributors in many countries for fast delivery


  • Have to sleep with it in your mouth

Our Thoughts

Ripsnore has a different type of molding style that is different from other anti-snoring devices. It is not pre-molded and you can actually mold it easily on your teeth which also works for people who have dentures.

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User rating
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  • Cc

    I bought and have used this product. My jaw still drops open, therefore I still snore. Did not work for me.

  • shelly

    I love my ripsnore! I would snore so loud that my kids could hear me down the hall into their rooms! It did take about a week to get use to but it was so worth it! I wake up refreshed and my children are happy also! Defiantly worth ever penny!

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