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Snoring Review

PureSleep Review

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  • PureSleep
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  • Published on: December 7, 2010
  • Last modified: October 11, 2013

Product Description

The Puresleep product makes use of “mandibular positioning” technique to adjust the lower jaw slightly forward that creates an opening in the throat for air passage. However, Puresleep is a Class II medical device that required a prescription from a licensed physician.


  • Soft and Flexible Mouthpiece
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • A little Costly

Our Thoughts

The product might be a little costly be we are surprised at its effectiveness. Getting a prescription might be a little hassle for some but the good thing is that once you have tried it, there will be no regrets. Also, the company has a guarantee program if ever you are not satisfied with it.

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  • Tony

    The PureSleep aid did not work for me. The problem I have is that apparently when I sleep, my mouth is open wider than the PureSleep aid will set to…. and as such it falls out of my mouth easily. I may try the ZQuiet as it looks like it will “open” larger. Additionally, things must have changed in the last year or so because I was able to order the PureSleep device without a prescription.

  • GM Ellis

    I’ve been using the PureSleep for over two years, and it definitely helps. Over that time I purchased two mouthpieces, and will probably purchase a third by the end of this year, so I use one mouthpiece a year.

    It is very important to properly fit the mouthpiece to your teeth (the standard mouthpiece fitting method of boiling until soft works fine) so that it doesn’t slip off during the night. An important innovation with PureSleep is the pegs that lock the upper and lower pieces together and pull the lower jaw forward far enough to stop the snoring/apnea. If your mouth opens while wearing the PureSleep mouthpiece you aren’t using it correctly.

    The PureSleep did not, however, entirely solve my problem. I don’t know if my apnea is seated in the lower part of my throat of if the mouthpiece just isn’t able to pull the lower jaw far enough forward, but my snoring/apnea problem is only improved, not eliminated.

  • Brian

    I have been using this (when I remember) for a few months now. According to my wife, the snoring is not completely gone, but cut down considerably. The fact that this product you have to form to your teeth is a plus. My mouth opens a little at night with the guard in, but it does not fall out. Unfortunately my dog chewed mine up so I have to order another one. I would definately reccomend this to someone. As a matter of fact, I will be ordering extra for my family with snoring issues.

  • Brian

    Also, I was able to order this online with no prescription.

  • Rodney

    The PureSleep kept me from snoring, however my jaw muscles began to cramp. It was six weeks after I quit using the mouth piece that my jaws finally got back to normal.

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