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Snoring Review

Medical Cures for Snoring

Consult Your DoctorIf after trying out several steps such as wearing a chin strap, changing your pillow, losing weight, and quitting smoking you still haven’t seen any changes in your snoring, consult your physician and get a thorough physical examination.

They may need to recommend one of the following (but please consult your physician first).

  1. Dental Devices. You might want to use dental devices to help you prevent snoring. This dental device is similar to a snoring mouthpiece and works by positioning your jaw slightly forward to let air flow in freely in your throat. Medical studies have shown that these products are known to stop snoring by 70%-90%. However, the huge drawback to these products is that you have to wear them at night and can cause dry mouth, excess salivation and jaw soreness. It may also be a little expensive and research data recommends this device for people experiencing light to medium snoring.
  2. Nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is used for treating patients suffering from sleep apnea. It has a mask that is worn over your face that is connected to a machine that produces a pressurized air. The problem with this device is that it is very expensive and bulky. The material that you use to wear is very uncomfortable.
  3. Surgery. This procedure is conducted to patients that have enlarged organs and correct tissue abnormalities.

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